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Mankameshwar Temple

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Mankameshwar TempleMankameshwar Temple In Agra

Mankameshwar Temple is one of four ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the four corners of Agra City. It is located at Rawatpara, near the Jama Masjid, Mankameshwar temple is about 2.5 kilometers from the Taj Mahal and 1 km from Agra Fort and is surrounded by old markets. The other important temples worth seeing are Rawli Mandir, Kailash Mandir, Balkeshwar Mandir, Prithvinath Mandir, Rajeshwar Mandir. Mankameshwar mandir in Agra is one among the ancient temples devoted to Lord Shiva. The Shivlinga in this temple is covered with silver metal. The temple has one sanctum sanctorum which has the statue of Lord Shiva. This is surrounded by typical idols of Shiva.

It is a ritual in Mankameshwar temple that people must not wear leather items, salwaar suits, pyjamas and pants. People must wear traditional Indian attires only, that is dhoti and sari. This is one of the four temples located on four corners of the Agra City.

Mankameshwar TempleHistory of Mankameshwar Temple

The history of Mankameshwar Mandir takes us to the Dwapara Era, when Lord Shri Krishna was born in Mathura. Lord Shiva has arrived from Mount Kailash to this place to give darshan to Krishna and he rested here. Shiva meditated and stayed in the cremation ground near River Yamuna. He thought that if Krishna played on his laps, he would erect a linga in that place. Looking at Shiva, Krishna’s mother, Yashoda asked Shiva to stay away from her child as he would get scared of him. Watching everything, Krishna played a trick and started crying pointing to Shiva. Shiva was sitting under a banyan tree in Samadhi position. Yashoda called Shiva and asked him to bless her child. After blessing Krishna, Shiva returned to this place and laid his linga here.

Shiva said that all the wishes of people will be fulfilled after visiting this temple. From then this temple has been known as Mankameswarnathji Temple.

Grocery Market near Mankameshwar Temple

This temple is surrounded by a very busy shopping hub. There is a big grocery market, cosmetic market, shoe market, jewellery market and Indian sweet's market. There are special pan which you get at Mankameshwar. These are folded in such a manner so that their shape becomes that of a pyramid.They are then coated with "chandi ki Barak" (Silver Foil) and garnished with coconut powder. Bijli ghar (Power Station) market is also near to this temple, having Roadways Bus Stand.

Accommodation near Mankameshwar Temple

Since Mankameshwar Mandir is in Agra, one can stay in the city of Agra. The hotels in Agra range from five star hotels, four star hotels and three star hotels to budget hotels. If you are looking for a budget hotel, there are many choices to stay in also, one can avail Government tourist guesthouses or hostels.

How to reach Mankameshwar Temple

As Mankameshwar Mandir is in the city of Agra, it is easy to reach this temple from Agra city center. You can get into a taxi, cab or local buses from Agra railway station or bus station to reach Mankameshwar Temple. One can also hire bicycles, tongas or auto rickshaws to reach this temple.
Mankameshwar Temple is one of the temple devoted to Lord Shiva located at four corners of Agra. Mankameshwar Temple in Agra is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated at Rawatpara, near Agra Fort Railway Station. It is said that the temple was situated at bank of river Yamuna but due to geographical changes now river flows near about 1.5KM away from this place.


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