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Soami Bagh

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Soami Bagh in Agra

Soami BaghSoami Bagh, also known as Dayal Bagh, is the headquarters of the Radhasoami religious sect. This sacred place blessed with the Dayal Bagh Temple is a prime religious attraction about 15 km away from Agra and it draws huge flock of devotees everyday all through the year. Set amidst picturesque landscape the temple is a great attraction to many tourists. The temple stands majestically with a 110 ft height structure is believed to be constructed in 1861. This is an imposing structure built in Hindu architectural style and design. There is a belief that this temple is built as a competing structure to Taj Mahal.

History Of Soami Bagh

Dayal BaghThe construction of the Soami Bagh was commenced in1908 and people believed that the construction of the building will never come to an end. In fact many people argued that the monument is the "Next Taj Mahal". One of the major tourist attractions of the monument is its carvings in stone that comprises of blending or colored marble. The marble of the tomb contributes to its brilliant appearance making it an extraordinary monument in India.

Soamiji Maharaj purchased Soami Bagh, where he used to perform spiritual practices there. Later on Soami Bagh became the abode to the Samadh of Soamiji Maharaj. Located adjacent to the mausoleum, there is Bhajan Gar the place where, Soamiji Maharaj carried out the spiritual practices during his lifetime; the Bhajan Ghar also houses satsang once per day.

Near the Soami Bagh Samadh there are some other buildings too. Bhandara festivals are celebrated here as a tribute to past Sant Sat Gurus and Satsang is from all over the world, come here to attend the festival. These buildings have provided the kitchen facilities for Bhandara festivals held at Soami Bagh several times every year.

Architecture of Soami Bagh

TThere are a number of satsang specific buildings on the grounds. The most significant of which is the Samadh of Soamiji Maharaj. This building was started in the time of Maharaj Saheb and is currently under construction at this time. Satsang is held in the lower portion of the Samadh once per day. Adjacent to the Samadh is Bhajan Gar where Soamiji Maharajper formed the spiritual practices and satsang is also held once per day. Also on the grounds of Soami Bagh is the home of Babuji Maharaj where Satsang is held twice each day. The descendents of Babuji Maharaj live here to this day. Next to Babuji's house and adjacent to the main gate is the humble quarters where Sant Das lived and work. Here also Nirmal Das came to stay in his retirement from public service.

Soami Bagh Samadh in Agra

Soami Bagh SamadhSoami Bagh Samadh, Agra is one of the significant tourist spots of the city that attracts tourists from all over the world. Soami Bagh Samadh is the mausoleum of Huzur, who was the initiator of the Radhasoami Faith.

Other Attractions

There are other buildings which provide kitchen facilities for Bhandara festivals held at Soami Bagh several times per year. These festivals commemorate the departure of the past Sant Sat Gurus and are attended by Satsangis from all over the world. Administrative offices for use by the Radhasoami Trust and the Central Administrative Council and accommodations for Satsangi Visitors are also provided.

At the time of independence of India and the division of land into India and Pakistan housing was provided at Soami Bagh for displaced Satsangis. At the present time those accommodations continue to be provided. Some accommodates are also provided for visiting Satsangis as well. One mile from the main gate of Soami Bagh and near the Jamuna river are the additional properties of Huzuri Bagh and Radha Bagh. In Radha Bagh are the Samadh's of Babuji Maharaj and Radhaji Maharaj.

In Agra itself are the homes of Soamiji Maharaj and the home and Samadh of Huzur Maharaj. Across the road and surrounding Soami Bagh Agra are the properties of a splinter group that should not be confused with the Radhasoami Faith of Soami Bagh in any way. Soami Bagh Benares, India is the location of the Samadh of Maharaj Saheb. It is located in the area of Benares where Kabir once lived. An annual Bhandara is held there to commemorate the departure of Maharaj Saheb.

Best Time to Visit

Soami Bagh can be visited throughout the year. However, you are not recommended visit during the months of summer, April-June and the monsoon, July-September. It would be ideal for you to visit the city during the winter season.


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